Tiger Toilet Overview

Background of toilets in India:

Lack of adequate sanitation facilities and their sustainability has been a pressing challenge in rural India and urban slums.

Even today, around 70 percent of households in India don’t have access to toilets, whether in rural areas or urban slums. Roughly 60 to 70 percent of the country’s 1.2 billion people still defecate in the open and the consequences are bad for most and for women are huge.

These consequences range from polluted water entering into the ground and mixing with groundwater and thus polluting the drinking water sources. This has resulted in women and children dying from childbirth related infections, rise in water borne diseases. As the women cannot defecate in the daytime in open, they hold their stool for long which gives to various gastrointestinal diseases as also to the risk and reality of being attacked and raped in some parts of the country.

India's Prime Minister Hon. Mr. Narendra Modi promised to take on the crisis of lack of access to clean and safe toilets when he was elected as the Prime Minister. Since then, the union government has launched a nationwide movement through its Swach Bharat Mission (SBM - Gramin) to attain 100% open defecation free (ODF) India by 2019. Under the mission, around 11.11 crore toilets are to be constructed in India in next four years, and monitored for use which will lead to better health.

Triggering communities and generating demand, strengthened supply chain arrangements and sustainable use of toilets are the major challenges which need to be addressed for achieving SBM goals. An end-to-end solution which can provide support to the Gram Panchayats (GPs) from demand creation to sustainability is desirable to make the GPs and village schools ODF.

Tiger Toilet Technology – Strong & Robust toilet (superstructure) with a unique onsite waste decomposition technology to make India an Open Defecation Free Country.

Construction of technically sound toilets with less and simple O&M requirements is the present need and an improved on-site sanitation solution which reduces O&M efforts and efficiently treats the waste is required.

The initial research activity was carried out by Bear Valley Ventures (BVV) with the help of researchers from The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London with a view to develop a solution for onsite waste decomposition which will be effective globally .This initial project research activity was funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation. Later, the technology was developed and initiated with effective trials in India by PriMove Infrastructure Development Consultants Pvt Ltd and Bear Valley Ventures (BVV). Presently, the Technology is engineered and marketed by EaSol Pvt Ltd, Pune.

The “Tiger Toilet Technology” is an onsite sanitation technology which works on principle of vermi-filtration. An ecosystem consisting of bio-media and specially cultivated earthworms works for safe and efficient decomposition of waste in pit latrines, allowing excreta to convert into Vermi-compost at a very rapid rate. Liquids filter to the drainage layer beneath and then permeate into the soil or suitable drain. The tiger technology will be paired with suitable cast in situ or pre-fabricated Superstructures.

The Tiger Toilet can be constructed/purchased as a complete solution comprising the Tiger Toilet superstructure and the Tiger Toilet biodigester which is a single pit with Tiger Toilet Vermifiltration Technology. Alternatively, only the Tiger Toilet Vermifiltration Technology can be purchased and installed in a pit.

Tiger Toilet

Benefits of the Tiger Toilet Onsite Waste Decomposition technology

  1. No need of handling sludge as faecal sludge is rapidly converted into vermi-compost
  2. Safer and easier emptying as vermi-compost is stable, soil-like material and can be readily removed
  3. No energy requirements as it is a passive Process
  4. Cheap to construct and run
  5. Compact with a smaller footprint than a septic tank or a twin pit latrine
  6. A self - regulating ecosystem that stabilizes and adapts gradually to effectively handle wide

Tiger Toilet

Advantages of Tiger Toilet Superstructure

  1. Fast and easy to install
  2. Good aesthetics
  3. Durable
  4. Adaptable to several site conditions
  5. Weather proof

Operation and Maintenance

During construction, the use and operation of toilets is explained to the users and appropriate instructions are also issued in the form of user manuals. The Tiger Toilet Technology is practically maintenance free and once commissioned the system works uninterrupted. However, we recommend a visit every 3-4 months to monitor performance.