PurAll FAQs

1. Details of stability of the Products/Chemicals/Tablets

The cartridge should not be exposed to air for long time as chlorine will get evaporated. Cartridge containing chlorine tablets should not be kept in contact with water for long time as it would emit foul smell and make drinking water useless. During use PurAll may accumulate deposits from the water or the tablets; therefore it should be cleaned periodically.

2. Time span required for drinking water to be potable after use of the Products/Chemicals/Tablets

It is recommended to use the water disinfected using PurAll, to be consumed no earlier than 30 minutes to allow sufficient reaction time.

3. Time span the water remain pure, safe and potable after the use of the Products/Chemicals/Tablets

Water disinfected with PurAll is rendered to be suitable for consumption for 24 hours from the time of disinfection, provided no alarming contamination is observed in the treated water during that period.

4. Storage condition required for the Products/Chemicals/Tablets

Storage: The product is a (Oxidizing Agent) and should be stored accordingly. Minimal conditions include storage in a cool, dry, ventilated store also from moisture, sunlight and incompatible substances.

5. How is the chlorine content measured in water purified by PurAll?

With every PurAll water purification solution a Chlorine testing kit is provided. Other chlorine testing kits available in market can also be used for testing the dissolved chlorine content in the water purified/chlorinated by PurAll.

6. Can PurAll be used in Industrial applications?

The PurAll water purification/chlorination solutions are used widely in both the rural and urban areas. PurAll solutions are automatic, online & non electric. Moreover, PurAll solutions are simple to use and require minimal maintenance and very less human intervention; hence they can be used as an effective chlorination solution in all industrial applications.

7. Does PurAll filters the water and reduce the hardness of water?

No. PurAll water purification/chlorination solution is used to purify the water only, by disinfecting the water.

8. Is PurAll available in retail market in India and abroad?

Not yet. To buy PurAll solutions there are distributors appointed in every state of India. Also, there are distributors for export of PurAll solutions.

9. Can the PurAll Water Purification cartridges be refilled?

No. The PurAll Water Purification Cartridge are to be replaced only and not be refilled at all. Moreover the PurAll Water Purification Cartridge is a patented product and the Cartridge uses Chemical to purify water which is approved and certified to NSF/ ANSI 60 standard for drinking water.

10. Where are the PurAll Solutions installed so far?

A. India(various states such as Assam, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Assam, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, J&K, etc)
E. Africa