PurAll Introduction

PurAllTM - Online, Non-electric & Automatic Water Purification Solutions for hand pumps and piped water supplies.

Present scenario of water chlorination in India:

  1. Most of the rural water treatment solutions in India are conventional which require continuous human intervention and lack consistency.
  2. Sampling of drinking water sources shows that large numbers of water sources are contaminated and cause health hazards.
  3. Reasons for contamination range from irregular chlorination by village gram panchayats, punctured pipelines and improper functioning of water chlorination systems.
  4. There is no plausible solution for hand pump water purification.
  5. The accuracy of the chlorine level dosing is seldom monitored.
  6. Thus, there is either under-dosing or over-dosing of chlorine leading to various consequences.

Limitations of Existing Chlorination Options

  1. Need daily Preparation
  2. Need continuous human intervention
  3. Energy intensive
  4. Need proper maintenance and operation
  5. Some solutions need High capital costs

Imperative: There is a need for an inexpensive, low maintenance device that provides safe water to communities at affordable costs for rural, small habitations and other small communities, especially for water systems where safety and security are particularly important considerations.

Besides this, water also might require filtration especially in monsoon. However, the filters installed in rural areas are not maintained properly (no regular back wash etc) and they very often get choked quickly and affect both water flow and disinfection.

PurAll Water Purification Solutions – To improve the present water purification scenario

  1. PurAll is an online water purification device which works on a simple chemical based technology
  2. It has an online Chlorine CPU with replaceable water purification cartridges, for continuous operation.
  3. Uses chemical approved and certified to NSF/ ANSI 60 standard for drinking water
  4. -Organic stable compound
    –Generates Hypochlorous Acid only when dissolved and disintegrated in water

  5. It is low-cost, non-electrical, and requires minimal maintenance


Features of PurAll Water Purification Solutions

1. Online, Non Electric and Automatic
2. Stand Alone device for disinfecting drinking water
3. Capable of delivering a constant and appropriate dose of chlorine to control disease-causing organisms in small community water systems
4. Safe and an appropriate technology instrument
5. Completely soluble in water and no traces left
6. Based on cartridges which can be changed easily on exhaustion
7. Cartridges can be stored for up to 2 years at sites
8. Consistent and cost effective
9. Low maintenance and less human intervention required
10. Easy to operate
11. No scaling /spillage/wastage

Models and Areas of Applications

There are various models of PurAll – PurAll 50, PurAll 50+, PurAll 50H and PurAll 100, suitable for piped water supply schemes and hand pumps. All the models come with an end of life indicator, which indicates the time to replace the cartridge.