Present Background of Solid Waste Management in India

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There is no immediate simple solution in sight to address the problem of disposal of waste.

The city administrations often do not employ enough manpower to segregate garbage. Also, shortage of vehicles for garbage collection compounds the problem.

Landfill sites pervade the air at neighboring villages and leachate from the landfill contaminates groundwater.

Health and sanitation is often compromised.

Hence, cities need decentralized wet garbage processing.

Garbikleen – A unique decentralized and effective Solid Waste (Wet Garbage) Management Solution for daily generated wet garbage in residential and commercial establishments in cities.

  1. The solutions are compact, effective and possess a high sense of efficacy.
  2. The solutions are easy to operate and work on a simple technology that works on a vermi-ecosystem.
  3. GarbiKleen creates a complete ecosystem in the digester which digests the waste rapidly and reduces biomass.
  4. It uses nature’s bio-degradation system by providing a complete food chain.
  5. The By-product can be used as Vermi-Compost.
  6. Completely aerobic process

Key Features of GarbiKleen:

  1. No need of handling sludge as food waste sludge is rapidly converted Into vermi-compost
  2. Safer and easier emptying as vermi-compost is stable, soil-like material and can be readily removed
  3. No energy requirements as it is a passive process
  4. Cheap and quick to construct and run
  5. Compact with a smaller footprint
  6. A self-regulating ecosystem that stabilizes and adapts gradually to effectively handle wide variations of use
  7. No smell as the system is aerobic
  8. No risk of mosquito breeding
  9. No risk of harmful gases