Automatic Weather Station (AWS)

Overview of an Automatic Weather Station

An AWS or Automatic weather station is an automation of the earlier used traditional weather station. These are devised either to enable weather measurements from remote areas or to reduce human involvement.

The system may report in several different ways or as per user requirements which means that it may be in real time over a local link to a computer system or using telecommunications or satellite systems. The GSM mobile phone technology is widely used in AWS.

Automatic Weather Station

In AWS provided by EaSol, following parameters can be measured:

1. Wind Speed
2. Wind Direction
3. Soil Moisture
4. Rain Gauge
5. Pressure
6. Solar Radiation
7. Temperature
8. Humidity

Typical AWS Configurations provided:

The configuration of an AWS typically consists of a weather-proof enclosure containing the Meteorological sensors, Mast for mounting sensors, Data Logger with GSM/GPRS interface, Solar Panel, Central Software(Server PC & static IP at Customer scope) and other necessary mounting accessories.