About Us

EaSol Private Limited, an ISO 9001: 2008 company is headquartered in Pune, India. Since its inception on 4th September 2013, the company is engaged in offering solutions in the area of energy and environment.

A young EaSol driven by a bunch of young enterprising minds has spread across varied regions in India and abroad. EaSol prides itself to offer innovative solutions to the existing needs of customers.


Solutions from EaSol are built keeping in mind the conservation of energy and protection of environment. The solutions are based on unique innovative technologies aimed at offering affordable excellence.

EaSol’s business portfolio includes solutions like PurAll (Water Purification Solution), Tiger Toilet (Strong and Robust toilets with Onsite Waste Decomposition Solution), GarbiKleen (Solid Waste Management Solution for residential and commercial establishments), Automatic Weather Station (Automation of Weather Station) and various such solutions which are well differentiated, unique and easy to operate.

EaSol provides solutions which are effective, low in maintenance, cost effective and the reachability for the same is much easier. The solutions are used widely in rural, peri urban and urban areas. The solutions are designed and developed in collaboration with international universities and agencies, and materials used conform to and are certified to highest international standards. EaSol solutions have been used not only in India but also in Middle-East, North America, Africa and South East Asia.